Environmental Analysis

In addition to our home inspections, House Scanners provides a variety of environmental analysis services. While your home is important, considering your family's health is also one of our concerns. Depending on where you live and when your house was built, it's important to be educated and aware of any possible environmental threats – such as quality of water in your private well and radon gas levels in your home. Testing for environmental hazards is the best way to identify any threats, and to take corrective measures to protect your health.

Everything From Shipping To Reports

Sample Collection
Lab Analysis

House Scanners takes care of all the leg work–from sample collection to delivering you the final lab reports, saving you time and money. Packaging your samples and shipping your samples to EPA certified laboratories are included.

Well Water Analysis

The quality of your drinking water is important, especially from sources such as a private well. Many homeowners often forget the value of good routine maintenance until serious problems occur. If a private well has not been treated or filtered routinely, harmful bacterias can form. Chemicals can also find their way into your drinking water, such pesticides from nearby farmland or lead from older plumbing pipes.

By testing the quality of your drinking water, you can identify any presence of bacterias and chemicals that pose a threat to your family's health and take the corrective measures to eliminate them. House Scanners offers a variety of water tests that you may need or required by your lender.

Radon Analysis

Radon gas is a national environmental health hazard and elevated indoor levels have been found in every state. Radon is an invisible and odorless gas, and long-term exposure has been linked to lung cancer. High indoor radon levels are more common in the mountainous regions of western North Carolina, but have still been found in the counties we serve. The only way to know if your home has high radon levels is by testing for it. House Scanners can test your home for radon gas quickly and affordably.

Additional Services

House Scanners also offers lead paint, mold, and asbestos testing. Please contact us for more info and pricing of these tests.